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9 Benefits of Shopping Online for Office Furniture

There are a lot of benefits to shopping online for office furniture that often go unrecognized. Making buying decisions for an entire office — or even a portion — can prove a difficult task. Many options exist, and those in charge of purchasing new furniture for the workplace can struggle to strike the right balance between cost, quality, and comfort. But turning towards e-commerce players in the office furniture business can make the process a lot easier and cut back on costs without compromising on quality. To get specific, here are nine benefits of shopping online for office furniture.

1. Better price

With the amount of competition in the online space, office furniture sellers tend to offer better deals online. When selling on the Web, they often deem it necessary to compete on price more so than they do in a brick-and-mortar environment. This happens because online, consumers often look at price first, whereas in a physical environment, sellers can engage buyers more easily before shoppers start looking at prices.

2. Free shipping

With the prevalence of e-commerce in the modern world, so many retailers selling digitally now offer free shipping that consumers have started to expect it. To avoid losing business, online sellers — even those with higher shipping costs like those selling office furniture — will offer free shipping. On the other hand, many local furniture dealers with physical locations will charge for shipping.

3. Easier to reorder

When buying furniture for an office, often times people want to reorder products when the business hires more people, and thus needs new office furniture, but wants to keep the style consistent. Because an e-commerce site can easily store users’ order history, customers can simply add products back into their carts and adjust quantities accordingly.

4. Save on taxes

There’s this little concept called nexus that determines whether or not businesses have to charge sales tax in each state. Different states determine it differently, but how it typically works is that if a business has a physical presence in a certain state, that business would be considered to have nexus in that state and, in turn, required to charge sales tax to people living there. Online retailers likely won’t have a physical presence in every state unless they’re a huge company, so many customers won’t have to pay sales tax to them.

Now, there is something relatively new called “economic nexus,” which is nexus established outside the realm of physical presence. For example, if a company has x-amount or more of sales to a particular state’s residents, they may have nexus in that state. However, not every state has such economic nexus laws, so even if a remote retailer started having significant sales in certain states, it may not have to charge sales tax in those states.

5. Comparison shop

Online office furniture sellers eliminate the hassle of having to call and physically drive to different stores to comparison shop. When shopping online, buyers have more options to look at, and they can easily compare prices, too.

6. Convenience

This ties back to the ease of comparison shopping. With the convenience of shopping anywhere at any time, shoppers save a lot of money and avoid a lot of hassle. They don’t have to spend money on gas going from place to place, nor do they have to spend the time driving or worry about what time a store closes.

7. Customer service options

Forget having to go to a physical store to talk to someone, or dealing with business that don’t pick up their phones. Online retailers often have dedicated e-commerce teams, so they actually answer phone calls. Plus, they often offer the option of live chat and email as well, so shoppers can choose how they want to communicate.

8. Free, on-demand space planning

Many online stores dealing office furniture do not offer this benefit of shopping online. However, we do! You can easily chat with a space planner to get help deciding what furniture would work best in your office, as well as take advantage of the free drawings we can make for you to visualize how everything would fit into your workplace.

9. Easily get quotes in 24 hours or less (excluding weekends)

This is another benefit not offered by all online sellers of office furniture. Many do indeed offer the ability to get a quote, but they don’t commit to getting back to quote requests within 24 hours. With Office Furniture Distributors, however, we will contact you within 24 hours after you request a quote. Also, you don’t have to know exactly what you want when you request a quote, and you can ask to see if we have something that may not be on our site. Then, we will work with you to prepare a quote for items that match your wants and needs.

Some people worry they won’t be provided with the same level of service online that they receive face-to-face. As one can see, though, online furniture sellers can offer many customer service options and services that aren’t as common with brick-and-mortar retailers. And at Office Furniture Distributors, we strive to offer you better service and a more personalized experience than even our online counterparts. Plus, when you shop online, you can easily save time and money.