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Office Furniture Mistakes: 3 Times Looks, Price are Overemphasized

No one debates that the look and price of your office furniture matters. However, sometimes, people place too much emphasis on the appearance and price (be it by going for the lowest price or by assuming the most expensive items are the best) of their office furniture, and not enough on what matters most: functionality and quality. Here are three times people make this mistake.

1. Choosing veneer or solid wood furniture based on aesthetics and the assumption that a higher price point always means better.

Venner and solid wood may look pretty, but they stain easily. You must always use coasters and the proper cleaning products on them. Not to mention they also scratch easily. Solid wood may be more durable than veneer and not chip as easily, but it’s very heavy and therefore difficult to move. With that said, if you plan to switch offices frequently as your company grows, you may want to go with an option other than solid wood.

Laminate provides a great alternative to veneer and solid wood. It doesn’t stain, won’t chip or scratch easily, and weighs a lot less than solid wood. It is highly durable and easy to maintain. Plus, it carries a lower price tag without compromising on durability. You may sacrifice looks, as it does not have a “natural” appearance since it’s man made, but in terms of durability and ease of maintenance, it excels. Because of this, we offer a variety of laminate desks and conference tables.

2. Buying cheap office chairs because they look nice and provide an affordable option.

IKEA may have well-designed chairs at face-value, but regardless of their good looks, their low price matches their low quality. When you have to replace your IKEA chair after a year or less, you’ll understand how buying a cheap chair doesn’t save you money in the long run. It’s better to spend more money upfront for a chair that will last. Plus, by investing more for seating, your workers can enjoy the ergonomics that come with a higher price tag, making for a more comfortable, healthy team.

Check out our most popular ergonomic chair and our full selection of seating to find a high-quality chair with the right functionality.

3. Buying $800+ chairs because of perceived higher quality due to higher prices and/or due to fancy design.

Some people understand that with very low prices often comes low quality, and they opt for office chairs on the complete opposite of the spectrum. But here’s the thing: you don’t need a super high-end chair to get the comfort and quality that comes with one. Your choices for office chairs aren’t limited to a cheap chair from IKEA or a high-end, super-expensive chair. We provide mid-range options that offer excellent ergonomics and quality. They may not have the ultra-unique looks that the $800+ chairs have, but they do still look nice, and their quality and features compare well with high-end chairs that cost twice — or more — as much.

You shouldn’t buy cheap office furniture just because it looks nice, but you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get furniture that offers great quality and functionality, either. Remember this the next time you find yourself needing new office furniture, and you’ll end up with an office that meets your needs — not just your desire for a “cool” looking office — without under or overspending.