Quote Quickly

Around here, we do things a little differently. Our new and improved quoting system is fast, simple, and unlike any other on the market. Whether you’re replacing a set of chairs or outfitting an entire office, it only takes eight simple steps for our dealers to get a quick and reliable quote at no extra cost. Avoid hassle and headache with our easy checkout process, ensuring your order meets every expectation.

We know finding office furniture at the perfect price can be a challenge without the proper resources. Our goal is to make your purchasing process a breeze with our new online quoting system. We’re here to provide you with industry insights and great deals with just a click of a button.

You may want to request a quote if you need:

  • Confirmation that your items are in stock with necessary quantity prior to purchase.
  • Space planning options for the products you’re considering.
  • Any item or items that aren’t yet on the site.
  • Help choosing specific configurations and accessories.
  • Items in a color we do not stock and the estimated lead time to receive them.
  • Exact shipping costs prior to purchase.
  • Special shipping requirements or wants.
  • More information about your order process.

                                               How Works

Step 1

Add products to your request by clicking “Add to Quote” on individual product pages.

Step 2

Select the “Browse My List” link that appears after adding an item to your quote order. This will view your active quote list.

  • Alternatively, you may view your active quote list at any given time by selecting “ACTIVE QUOTE LIST” from the “QUOTE” drop-down in the navigation menu.

Step 3

To finalize your quote, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and click “Submit.”

  • Be sure to use the “Message” section to include any additional details for your order.
  • If you’re interested in space planning, use the file selector to attach a DWG or CAD file.

Step 4

View your submitted quote requests by selecting “SUBMITTED QUOTES” from the “QUOTE” dropdown in the main navigation menu. You can also reach this page by clicking the “SUBMITTED QUOTES” tab on your account dashboard.

  • While we’re preparing your quote, it will have a status indicating it as “New.”
  • Please email us at info@ofdist.com if you would like to add or remove items to your submitted quote.

Step 5

Once successfully processed, an email will be sent regarding your quote’s updated “Pending” status. View, accept, or reject the quote by going to your submitted quotes page or by viewing the PDF invoice attached to the email notification.

  • Space planning drawings will be available as attachments on the completed quote email in your inbox.
  • If we have any clarification needs, you will receive an email with questions concerning your quote. The process will move forward after you send us a detailed response as necessary.

Step 6

Accepting the quote will allow you the option to checkout online or submit the order through the standard method.

  • Through our website, select “Checkout” under the “My Quotes” option. This will redirect you to an order page. If you’re not quite ready to make the purchase, items will remain in your cart when you return later.
  • If you choose to place your order offline, please send your quote confirmation number with the purchase order to verify your pricing.

Step 7

Want to add more items before checkout? Click “Add to Cart” on any of the product pages or request another quote following the process outlined here.

Step 8

To view your cart, select the “Cart” link at the top right-hand corner of the page or click on the cart icon in the fixed navigation bar.

Please Note:

If items are not in stock at the quantities you need, we will contact you within 24 hours to reach the best solution with you. Many of our pieces can be substituted to better fit your requirements. Our team is also equipped to cancel and refund all or part of your order to your preference.