OFD-SPINE Cord Manager For Floor to Work Surface, Spine Style


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Technology is where it. is at. All the cords that come with it? Not so much. This handy dandy spine style cord manager is one of the simplest ways to avoid writing unnecessary workers’ comp checks if you’re an employer. And if you’re an employee, well, unless you’re trying to be a real-life Frank Gallagher, chances are, getting injured at work doesn’t sound too appealing to you, either.


OFD-SPINE Spec Sheet


  • Can be used on stationary and height-adjustable desks
  • Completely hides and protects all wires within the unit
  • Highly flexible spine/snake style vertical wire manager
  • Comes complete with a top mounting plate and foot
  • Weighted base
  • Attaches to bottom of work surface
  • Available in Brushed Silver, Black, or White finish

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