Cafe It – 30″x30″ Square Top Sitting Height Break Room Table with Round Cast Iron Base


Burnt Strand
Wenge Strand
Wheat Strand
Brite White
Sarum Twill
Walnut Block
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Why do we describe our regular-height break room/cafe tables sitting height? Sure, you can stand at bar height tables whereas you’d look pretty awkward doing that at this table with its shorter height, but still. You can sit at bar height tables, too, as long as you have a taller chair like one of our break room stools. But whatever. All you really need to know is that this particular table does not require a taller chair, it. has a square top, and a round base made of cast iron.


CI-BREAK30SQ Spec Sheet


  • 30″x30″ Square Top
  • 29â€
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